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About TSP

Tanagra Company launches its new product – TSP (Tanagra Spare Parts), which is designed to Lithuanian and foreign markets, meeting the highest quality standards. The idea of ​​creating company’s brand, in 2012, came to companies CEO Genrik Dzikevič, which have many years of experience in automobile spare parts trade and want to ensure that Tanagra company client receives appropriate and highest quality product. With this brand, we can better ensure product presentation and also pay attention on the client’s needs and provide guarantee for TSP products.

Tanagra Company has many years trading of well known spare parts brands so this experience enabled us to establish Tanagra Company’s spare parts line and continue by improving it. All TSP line products have high quality standards, because are manufactured and tested in different European Union countries and this production meet the highest international standards to ensure products guarantee and quality. Paying attention to the needs of the market, we continue expanding our production range, so that our customers could purchase the most important car parts at affordable price.

TSP production range is increasing and for this moment we can offer:

  • Batteries;
  • Brake pads;
  • Cables
  • Automobile fluids;
  • Tensioner bearings;
  • Dampers;
  • Brake discs.

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