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TSP brake discs

TSP brake discs had been added to Tanagra assortment. From now on, we will be able to offer to all our customers high-quality brake discs from Tanagra Company. It is a product of high quality, produced in Europe, which has attractive prices and perfectly suits our customers. Our range of products will be expanded and currently we have all popular TSP brake discs. These brake discs meet all the market needs, as well as safety and brake performance criteria.

News of TSP assortment

Tanagra presents to all its customers TSP shock absorbers. Produced in European Union countries, in cooperation with trustworthy manufacturers of auto parts, we were allowed to create and offer high-quality shock absorbers. At the moment we can offer the most popular item positions, but in the future we will be able to offer a wider range of these goods.

TSP tension bearings

We had received TSP tension bearings for the most popular cars!

TSP window fluid and TSP coolant liquids

ATTENTION! Winter season is coming and TSP product line presents new winter production – TSP window fluid and TSP coolant concentrate.

TSP window fluid produced by a special company Tanagra order in Germany. High-performance liquid, provides efficient washing, removes all kinds of dirt, and do not harm automobile’s paint.

Also, we recommend for our customers TSP cooling fluids, the standard G11 (blue color) and the new G12 (red color) which was developed with the latest technologies and allows to extend fluid life.

TSP production!

TSP product line is expanding and for this moment we are waiting for a new production: TSP Tensioner bearings, TSP Dampers, TSP Brake discs. These new production meets high quality standards like all other TSP production, ensuring that clients automobile will work properly and safe.